looking for spring

the birds are singing in the mornings, the cranes are back and screaming so loud everyday now so it’s a sign that spring is closer that we think!

the other day we went into the woods with kids for a long walk. we had so much fun.
it was only 2’C but we were warm enough and you can really smell spring in the air!!!

here are the photos of our beautiful forest:

into the woods we go
looking for some treasures!
little girl big trees
there’re two small lakes in the woods near our home!
two perfect circles connected by a small canal! 
these glacial lakes are very old and very deep!!!
peppa in action! 
2’C and she’s swimming! 
my guys 🙂 
this man over here 😉 is looking for some treasures using his strong magnet! 
working hard!
my favorite photo lately! 
the second lake! 
an old pasture for animals
are you waiting for the spring with such longing as we do?
come on spring!!!!! 
hope you will have a warm, sunny weekend! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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