with my furry friend

i know that there are a lot of fashion posts here lately but it is something that i’m so keen on now.

all the fashion weeks and the new season coming; i just can’t help myself! 
are you exciting for spring? i am! and i wish i could dump a warm jacket and finally run without tights but the weather here is still pretty cold so…. welcome my furry friend 😉 
tights, scarves, hats, coats are still on but i can’t help to smuggle in some elements of spring clothes as this dress i want to show you today!
i bought this dress in second-hand! 
the brand is ‚out of gas’ i found some of their clothes on amazon
my furry coat is from primark (not available at the moment)
tights are from calzedonia
boots from deezee
baby blue color with white and black are perfect combination on this dress!
aztec pattern still in fashion since last year!
can you see a bit of snow at the back? it’s still cold here 😦 
jumping keeps me warm! 
what do you think about this look? 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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