Chicken coop project update

Hello, how are you, my dear friends? Summer is coming to an end and I thought that I can finally share with you the chicken coop update. Our chicks, called by my husband The Girls are with us for about four months now.They are giving us delicious eggs and a lot of fun, especially for … Czytaj dalej Chicken coop project update

Busy Spring/Summer season!

Hello, after a little while. Spring is over, and Summer is on to the fullest. This past spring season was super busy for me. There was never-ending work in the garden and around the house. My greenhouse is full of growing veggies now and I can slow down a bit too. This year I’ve planted … Czytaj dalej Busy Spring/Summer season!

Chicken coop project

Hi, Friends! How are you? One question, how is Spring where you live? Is it warm and sunny, or crazy cold as it is here in Poland. The weather is so cold and unpredictable that my plan to plant veggies and flowers early this year had to be forgotten because of frosty nights and lack … Czytaj dalej Chicken coop project

Yellow – trends for summer

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photo credit  when the weather hits above 20 degrees i’m living in a dress! i love summer dresses! i shared one in my last post here. dresses are very easy to wear and you don’t need to worry how to properly connect parts of the outfit together. in poland…

Easter traditions in Poland

Just day before Easter I want to wish you all the best for this special time. I think that we all wish for one thing, this pandemic to be finally over. So I wish you that and much, much more. Happy Easter my dearest Readers If you are interested in Polish traditions during Easter those … Czytaj dalej Easter traditions in Poland

waiting for easter

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yay! only few days left till easter which i consider to be a complete end of winter and beginning of spring! i really can’t wait for it this year i’m super excited, the winter was so so long… easter decorations are up in our house and we’re almost ready…

setting easter table

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Happy Easter!? happy easter weekend everyone! hope you have or you will have a lovely time with your close ones! we’re spending this special time with our whole family, at home. today we went to church with our easter basket to blessed the food and tomorrow we will…

One-year mark covid story

The first lockdown was kind of exciting and a bit scary. A lot of unknowns. The second lockdown was not a lockdown. It was still summertime and the start of the new school year.  The third lockdown is depressing and the one-year mark made most of us hit ‚the covid wall’. Spring is the only … Czytaj dalej One-year mark covid story

Good word for Monday #9 – Happy International Women’s Day

To all the girls out there:Be BraveBe BoldBe Savage Women are magical creatures!I truly believe that without us the world wouldn’t exist!Today we celebrating everything in womanhood. Happy Women’s Day to all the women in my life: I love you!I adore you!I believe in you!I appreciate you!I see you!I’m blessed with you! Love,Marlena


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