what we read – kids #4

  „Po ciemku, czyli co się dzieje w nocy.”  Monika Utnik-Strugała Illustrations: Małgosia Piątkowska  I bought this book because the topic of it intrigued me and I couldn’t be happier for my kids to have it.  The size of the book totally surprised me in a good way because it’s huge with big beautiful illustrations. … Czytaj dalej what we read – kids #4

let’s keep the awkward silence away – Angielski. Mów Obłędnie!

 Author’s note:  This post is dedicated to my polish readers.  It’s a review of english course book. For more info about the book you can clik here.  Dziś przychodzę do Was, moi drodzy w nietypowym wydaniu, bo w języku polskim.  Jest to chyba mój pierwszy post na blogu w moim matczynym języku. A okazja jest … Czytaj dalej let’s keep the awkward silence away – Angielski. Mów Obłędnie!

Life itself

Sometimes is hard sometimes is beautiful either way you are blessed! As I recently posted on Instagram: Welcome to level 7 of Jumanji 2020!  I think that we already got used to all the crazy shit that is going on in this world this year!  So what we been up to through the last 2-3 … Czytaj dalej Life itself

The piece of art

Today I want to share with you this picture of our living room which I took yesterday evening during a golden hour. I just love the little corner and how the light plays with the colors of the painting.  This piece of art is from Natalia Chrosna  This is the second painting of hers that we … Czytaj dalej The piece of art


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