let’s keep the awkward silence away – Angielski. Mów Obłędnie!

 Author's note: This post is dedicated to my polish readers. It's a review of english course book. For more info about the book you can clik here. Dziś przychodzę do Was, moi drodzy w nietypowym wydaniu, bo w języku polskim. Jest to chyba mój pierwszy post na blogu w moim matczynym języku. A okazja jest wyjątkowa, gdyż chcę się … Czytaj dalej let’s keep the awkward silence away – Angielski. Mów Obłędnie!

Life itself

Sometimes is hard sometimes is beautiful either way you are blessed!As I recently posted on Instagram: Welcome to level 7 of Jumanji 2020! I think that we already got used to all the crazy shit that is going on in this world this year! So what we been up to through the last 2-3 months? Basically life … Czytaj dalej Life itself

Happy 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!!! How does it happen that we already have a New Year?! I feel like two past years were just a blink of an eye. I don't know if it's only because I'm getting older or life is really running that fast or may it be neither of these?I hope you had an … Czytaj dalej Happy 2020