Life itself

Sometimes is hard sometimes is beautiful either way you are blessed!As I recently posted on Instagram: Welcome to level 7 of Jumanji 2020! I think that we already got used to all the crazy shit that is going on in this world this year! So what we been up to through the last 2-3 months? Basically life … Czytaj dalej Life itself

changing seasons

if you're a big nature lover as i am, you will find beauty and peace in these photos.this year we were very lucky to have such an amzing summer and now we're blessed with warm, sunny fall weather.everything has its time and pleace in nature, we're just 'itsy bitsy spiders' in it. don't forget about it! 

8 facts why living in a countryside is better

8 facts why living in a countryside is better for you: 1. the views.....and driving through it, just enjoying the peace and quiet which you can't find driving through busy city streets.2. appreciation the nature, animals and surroundings; also fresh air and fragrances of changing seasons!3. going offline and being present.4. everyone knows everyone. people know their neighbors … Czytaj dalej 8 facts why living in a countryside is better