a day in life!

 everyday should be an adventure, especially for the kids! so my goal for this summer break are adventures every day!we don't plan to go anywhere far this year, so i want to show my kids everything near our small village. you don't need to travel far away or have a lot of money to make summer break … Czytaj dalej a day in life!

winter seaside fun!

winter is fun and the best at the seaside! today i want to share with you photos from our family getaway to Kołobrzeg!  we had so much fun and i love all of the photos! having fun on ice! opsss! my happy place 🙂 10 years of being married!  and we still have it though 😉 the coolest place fishkafiszkacute kids cornerthis … Czytaj dalej winter seaside fun!

monday muse #6

my 'monday muse' today is SUMMER :)the best time of the year!!!wishing you all sunny, full of watermelons, ice creams and lemonades, hot, happy summer! have fun!!! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.photos via google

true friends

it's very hard to have true friends nowadays.we all have many friends or followers on our social media profiles; we even talk to them, sometimes everyday but are they your real friends? are they those who saw you crying, in pain or tired??? i don't think so! if they did and they're still there, you're … Czytaj dalej true friends