Life on quarantine – positive stories – looking for winter

While everything is crazy right now with coronavirus and the whole world is on hold, everyone is talking only about covid_19 I decided to take a step back and share some positive stories from the time when there was no virus or quarantine. Global warming is real! If you don't believe it come visit us … Czytaj dalej Life on quarantine – positive stories – looking for winter

changing seasons

if you're a big nature lover as i am, you will find beauty and peace in these photos.this year we were very lucky to have such an amzing summer and now we're blessed with warm, sunny fall weather.everything has its time and pleace in nature, we're just 'itsy bitsy spiders' in it. don't forget about it! 

where i’d rather be

i really wish i could pack my bag and fly away........ and this is where i'd rather be!just me, myself and i these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!pics via pinterestenglish is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

mood board #2

i have mixed feelings about fall.i really love this season, most of the time. the colors, the cool air, first frost, fog in the morning and falling leaves. how the sun is making everything gold, yellow and orange. and of curse the feeling that christmas are coming closer. ;)but they're days like today where is cold, … Czytaj dalej mood board #2