Two years later…

I am sitting on a log of wood in the forest right now I have an urge to write so as I am typing this I am thinking about the last two years. Tomorrow on March 28th in Poland masks won’t be mandatory and we will be free to walk without them whenever we want (except for the medical centers).

Two years is a lot! It feels like 2019 was ages ago and now we are different people with a huge baggage of experience.

Those two years have changed us… I think that our mental health suffered the most, and it still does.

After all of that, we came through the world is still heavy on our shoulders, and the war is just across the border. Nothing will be ever the same.

But while those things are happening around us around me, there is still life going on; beautiful simple life, and I hold on tight to this! To those small precious moments of everyday life.

Some time ago I decided to not watch the news and read about things that increase my anxiety; Yes, I still keep track of things but for my mental health is better to be occupied by Now! So I try day by day to cherish my simple tasks such as family, work, self-care, my animals, and so on. I’ve decided to concentrate on good things, on planning to do fun things with my family, and live in the moment. To not hurry up, to be mindful and grateful even for the warm sunny day as it was today. Simple as it sounds but when you’re a sensitive soul you know how hard it is sometimes. Some days are better some days are worse but after a few months of trying I may say that is getting easier and I can finally sleep at night!

Two years passed by… And I know that I want a good simple life more than ever. To be healthy and have the opportunity to discover the world with my family. To share gratitude! I want to focus on the small things which make our life worthy!

Those are just my thoughts that I want to share with you. Maybe you feel the same or similar.

I hope you’re safe and happy whenever you are right now and your life is good.

I am wishing You and Us all the best!!!




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