Spring through Summer

Hello, again after a little while.

Who would know life will be so busy that one could not find time for writing to you guys.

I was going through my blog some time ago and I have never been good at keeping the schedule but I have so many beautiful memories on here that I keep coming back and I think it will stay that way till the end haha.

I don’t think the blog is a good name for my corner of the internet, a better name for my place here would be a diary, a virtual, public diary.

So welcome back to my diary!

From late February till the end of May life was unpredictable, busy, unfair, and disappointing mixed with happiness and gratefulness. But when Spring came and the sky became more blue and clear life changed in that direction too! Is it too complicated to understand? I think we have all been there in that circle of life and seasons in life.

So I am super excited for Summer because we will spend half of it in Portugal.

Two weeks ago we came back from Spain and it was a great pre-start before the actual vacation.

I will try to share more as I attended to always do, and fall at it but maybe this time will be different!

Here are some random life lately photos/videos from my camera roll!

Holiday World Resort Beach Club
Holiday World Resort
Europa Point Gibraltar
Europa Point Gibraltar
Gibraltar Nature Reserve
Europa Point Gibraltar

Thank you for sticking with me!




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