harry potter’s houses

i’m a big fan of harry potter’s books and films but i was never a big fun of england.
yes, i love true british accent especially when my favorite actor or actress is speaking!
yes, i have an english literature and culture at the university. my english grammar teacher was a big harry potter fan, like me and she had a perfect british accent i adored her but never truly england.
so when my sister moved out there i wasn’t so enthusiastic. she lives in uk almost two years now and i have never been there befor so last month i had finally a chance to visit her.
i traveled to middle england without no expectations……….

and i was hooked!!!!

i totally fall for england! the british accent, tea with milk, the people, sainsbury’s and of course the architecture! perfect small houses and red brick everywhere! at times i felt like in harry potter’s movie!

it’s not a tourist town, and i think i was the only person there taking pictures of buildings.
i didn’t take with me a big camera, i had just a small one and phone so the pictures are what they are but i hope you will still like them!

welcome to burton on trent

hello england! 
the perfect view
harry potter’s houses!

red brick! 
the colors!

are we in hogsmeade?

one and only tourist in town! 

this boots are made for walking…. from deezee

my scarf is from primark
coat house (i bought it last year) 
bag is from local store
boots deezee
queen’s geese and ducks 

this book is amazing and the illustrations are insane!
hope you like my little tour?! 
more to come!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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