a good word for Monday #2

this week try to find one thing in your life which you love dearly and love it even more with all your heart and strength.there are people in the world who are dreaming about this kind of life you have! fall in love with it! it's extraordinary!!!for more inspirational quotes go to my Pinterest board here

a good word for Monday #1

this week try to be kind to everyone you meet on your way. even if someone won't be nice to you! and try to find time to read every day, if only for a few minutes! for more inspirational quotes go to my Pinterest board hereHappy Monday 🙂 

1 of 365!

Happy New Year !!!!! Let this year be the fulfillment of all goals, dreams and wishes!!!i have some inspirations for New Year today! make your goals and go with it! be positive, be strong and believe in your self! these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!pics via pinterestenglish is not my first language; sorry for … Czytaj dalej 1 of 365!


i'm 33!not a big deal!like a milion other people in the world.but birthdays are my worst days! i don't want to age at all!!! i want to be like 24 forever!till mine 24th birthday everything was good; a lot of cool parties, no worries; then i had my first child and from that time years … Czytaj dalej ’33’

life lately according to my phone!

life lately is fun!summer is here! the weather is pretty good!every day something cool happens!good times!let this moment last!!!candy cotton sky 🙂 view from our swing! photo - my hubby :)first veggies from our small garden! new family members!kids day at school!fun all day long!love 🙂 yum! from our garden! hi! dress from 'top shop' found in secondhand! moments with my man!afternoons … Czytaj dalej life lately according to my phone!