one rainy/sunny trip

today is a perfect day to post it!
it was raining all day long here, like really hard, and it reminded me about that day, few weeks ago.
two days trip to Gdańsk and Sopot

i went there with hannah and diane. we were planning this trip for so long. girls had only two weeks in poland and they really wanted to visit everything that was on their list!

we traveled  to Gdańsk, stayed there for a night and then went to Sopot. the first day was so rainy, exactly like today 🙂 but the second day was just perfect!

i have tons of photos to share with you!

smile! because after every rain comes the sun!!!
on our way to Gdańsk
all wet but happy! 
old town
so many beautiful details
little streets!
so cool! 
stop for best ice creams – popcorn and salty carmel
amber street 🙂 
these girls 🙂 love them!
we had so much fun going through these old stairs,
high above Gdańsk
we felt like in a ‚harry potter’ movie or ‚the hunchback of Notre Dame’
the view was breathtaking!!!
welcomed sun in Sopot 
we love sea so much!!!
hannah, i miss you! 
you need to eat fish at the seaside! 
eating with a view at bar przystań
pier in Sopot 
love love love
how beautiful it is?
magical doors! 
hope you like the photos!?
wishing you much wonderful adventures this summer 🙂 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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