city chic!

few weeks ago we went to the city for a quick tour!
it was super hot back then and i didn’t know what to wear to feel cool and stylish.

i chose my favorite recently jumpsuit!
is very light, airy, perfect for hot weather in the city.

my husband didn’t like the look and said that such jumpsuits were worn in the 90s! but who doesn’t love the wide leg thing this summer??? huh?

remember fashion always comes back!!! 🙂

i found this h&m jumpsuit in second-hand (charity shop) as well as
the sweater, also from h&m 
you know how i love gold shoes 🙂
found them on deezee as always! 
and waht do you think???
yes or no!? 
let me know! 
have a lovely sunday 🙂
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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