Life on quarantine – positive stories – looking for winter

While everything is crazy right now with coronavirus and the whole world is on hold, everyone is talking only about covid_19 I decided to take a step back and share some positive stories from the time when there was no virus or quarantine. Global warming is real! If you don't believe it come visit us … Czytaj dalej Life on quarantine – positive stories – looking for winter

Warsaw for 4!

this summer we decided to show our children polish capital city - we are living in a countryside, cities are a huge attraction for our kids.our son is also big enought to understand the history of Warsaw.we spent two very active days in the city. the weather was perfect for long walks and discovering … Czytaj dalej Warsaw for 4!

winter seaside fun!

winter is fun and the best at the seaside! today i want to share with you photos from our family getaway to Kołobrzeg!  we had so much fun and i love all of the photos! having fun on ice! opsss! my happy place 🙂 10 years of being married!  and we still have it though 😉 the coolest place fishkafiszkacute kids cornerthis … Czytaj dalej winter seaside fun!