monday muse #2

today my ‚monday muse’ is not a person and not a thing, it’s a place!!!!

over the last week i keep on watching whatannawears snaps and i really can’t stop.
if you don’t know her, she’s polish travel and fashion blogger. the last few weeks she’s spending on bali and i just fall in love with this island so hard. i want to move there like for real!

my love to this place started long time ago when i read ‚eat pray love’ by elizabeth gilbert; after that i saw the film with julia roberts and i was totally hooked!
now my love is even bigger!!!

Bali why you’re so far away?

do you understand what i mean?
is this even real???
so green! rice fields!
my dream place to live 🙂 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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