monday muse #8

somehow i was thinking about this movie all day and i'm planning to watch it tonight. the vibes of this film.... friendship and freedom! just wow! american road trips and hello??? young brad pitt!! is all i need today!!!!!the clothes which thelma and louise are wearing - major goals! the film had its premiere in 1991 and the … Czytaj dalej monday muse #8

monday muse #5

today's 'monday muse' are my students!june is always a bitter-sweet for me; i look forward to upcoming holidays but i am also sad because i'll miss my students.i know that this break is good for both sides but tear in the eye shakes as i say goodbye to them.i love my learners, they're amazing, each … Czytaj dalej monday muse #5

monday muse #4

today 'monday muse' shoes!!!last week i had a little crush on shoes! especially those from deezeei bought two pairs and still looking further and to be true i would love to have all of them!these are my picks:these are already mine :)and these ones too :)sporty ones - i need to have it!perfect!!! need them … Czytaj dalej monday muse #4

monday muse #3

we're back from our family vacation.if you follow me on instagram/twitter or snapchat you could see our 'moments' there!soon i will be posting more here!but today i'm going to share with you my 'monday muse' which are quotes that inspired me and helped me being better person (mom/wife) during the time spent with my family (and … Czytaj dalej monday muse #3

monday muse #2

today my 'monday muse' is not a person and not a thing, it's a place!!!!over the last week i keep on watching whatannawears snaps and i really can't stop.if you don't know her, she's polish travel and fashion blogger. the last few weeks she's spending on bali and i just fall in love with this island … Czytaj dalej monday muse #2

monday muse #1

today i'm starting new series on my blog - 'monday muse'i'll be sharing with you, people and things that inspired me over the last week!blake lively and kristen stewart are my first choice!they're rocking the red carpet on cannes film festival right now! both looking gorgeous!kristen with new look, new hair color and blake with … Czytaj dalej monday muse #1