one day in gdynia and more…

this post waited for so long to be published!
those photos are from january!

i have never been in gdynia (one of the three interconnected cities on the gulf of gdańsk) so when my husband had a business meeting there, i went with him.
while he was doing his things i took a quick tour round the most important places in gdynia!

finally i had time to check on these photos and i love them! it was a great day!

i thought that you will share my memories with you too! 🙂

there’s no trip without good food!
 i found this place on some blog and we tried it out, it was delicious! 
seaside – my happy place! 
on our way back home we also stopped at very nice place in piła
i know, tons of photos but it was very hard to choose only few! 
i like them all hope you like it too! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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