8 facts why living in the countryside is better for your mental health

I wouldn’t choose any other lifestyle than this. I have added some more info to my still actual post from 2017 and I hope that you will find something in it that makes you feel that maybe the countryside is a dream place for you too.
Happy 2022!


Stories From The Woods

8 facts why living in the countryside is better for you and your mental health: 

The views…..and driving through it (no traffic).  Just enjoying the peace and quiet which you can not find driving through busy city streets (high-stress level). Cities are so loud and noisy sometimes that is hard to hear your own thoughts (anxiety); Nothing smooths our nerves more than a beautiful landscape, it boost our wellbeing.2. Appreciation the nature, and sounds of it. also fresh air, less pollution, and fragrances of changing seasons! Your sense of smell will discover an entirely new world of smells and your health will improve.

3. Going offline and being present. There is no w-f in the woods and sometimes you can only wish for good reception. When you constantly working is hard to stop and this can really help you to plan your day the way you will have…

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