folklor baby

i’m so happy that summer is still with us.
and i’m super excited that only few days left to see my hubby. i’m counting every minute!

this week is very busy for me. school started and life is going back to normal shedule (school year shedule). i have so much on my plate now, because we have a trip coming very soon. and we are going alone, just me and my husband! yay! so i have to prepare everything for the kids for a whole next week! they will stay at home with three grans. yes, three! their great grandma, and two grandmas. so everything have to be ready to make their days smoother.
we will miss kids like crazy but is our first holidays without them for a long, long time. weekend getaways are great but whole week??! 😉 just him and me! like a second honeymoon!!!
i won’t tell you where are we going. check my instagram for regular update! 🙂

i will be packing our suitcases very soon and i’ll defiantly pack this dress! it’s perfect for a date, romantic dinner or just a stroll.
the dress is totally vintage, it belonged to my grandmother. she wore it when she was young!
one hundred percent of the retro style!!!

what do you think?

the dress is by ‚lady h. von peter hahn’
my assistant and photographer – my sister 🙂
these flats are my sister’s 
they’re from river island
you don’t have to have long hair to have braids!
big thakns to my sister for taking these photos! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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