Try-Day Friday!

have you ever bought a dress, skirt, super tight jeans or cool shoes and then you didn't have the courage to wear it?! or you tried it on but you didn't feel like yourself?!it happens, right?it happened to me!i really like leather clothes (of course, artificial ones) i love leather jackets, skirts or the insane … Czytaj dalej Try-Day Friday!

sweaters season!

my favorite thing this fall are sweaters! i already bought, i think four in secondhand shop. leggings and sweaters are my uniform now! on these photos i'm wearing rainboots but now i'm more into high boots! what are your favorite looks this fall??? let me know! i don't know the brand of this sweater but is perfect!into the woods 😉 all photos … Czytaj dalej sweaters season!

folklor baby

i'm so happy that summer is still with us.and i'm super excited that only few days left to see my hubby. i'm counting every minute!this week is very busy for me. school started and life is going back to normal shedule (school year shedule). i have so much on my plate now, because we have … Czytaj dalej folklor baby

city chic!

few weeks ago we went to the city for a quick tour!it was super hot back then and i didn't know what to wear to feel cool and stylish.i chose my favorite recently jumpsuit!is very light, airy, perfect for hot weather in the husband didn't like the look and said that such jumpsuits were worn in … Czytaj dalej city chic!

monday muse #1

today i'm starting new series on my blog - 'monday muse'i'll be sharing with you, people and things that inspired me over the last week!blake lively and kristen stewart are my first choice!they're rocking the red carpet on cannes film festival right now! both looking gorgeous!kristen with new look, new hair color and blake with … Czytaj dalej monday muse #1