the perfect white dress!

i’m planning a secret party!
the party is all about my grandma’s 80th birthday.
she doesn’t want any celebration but we love her so much and we want this day to be perfect and special! the big feast of her life!

i’m in charge of all the details so i have decided the main color of the party will be white.
i want each guests to wear white clothes. i want white flowers and white table settings, everything white!

my grandma’s birthday are in november but i already started to organize it and to look for appropriate clothes for me, my baby girl and my boys.

i was searching online for a white dress for my daughter but i couldn’t find any good ones and then mariacommunion reach out to me and it was a perfect match!

they’re a online shop specialized in white communion dresses but their dresses and accessories are suitable for any occasion not only for first communion.
the shop offers white dresses, matching gloves, headpieces, veils and bags. everything is beautifully made and what is the most important to me, they’re shipping worldwide!

i want to share with you today, all the dresses which caught my attention!

this is my favorite one! simple and beautiful! 

what a perfect dress for special celebration! 
every girl will feel like a princess in this dress! 

which one would you choose?
let me know!

if you want to see more of mariacommunion dresses and accessories just click the links!

thank you mariacommunion for sponsoring this post!

these pictures are not mine, they belong to mariacommunion!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes


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