Chicken coop project update

Hello, how are you, my dear friends?

Summer is coming to an end and I thought that I can finally share with you the chicken coop update.

Our chicks, called by my husband The Girls are with us for about four months now.
They are giving us delicious eggs and a lot of fun, especially for my husband. I think spending time with hens relax him a ton.

The chicken coop fulfills its functions.

My son is responsible for cleaning the coop and he does it once a week, so the chicks have fresh bedding and, to keep all the bugs away.
We use wood shavings for the bedding and hay for the nests.

The chicks are eating all the fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies from my garden. A lot of oatmeal, and other grains prepared especially for them (we buy a special mix).

We still think about the light for the winter for them, to keep the chicks warm and happy but, so far everything works perfectly for us, and for hens and our rooster.

Do you have chickens or maybe you’re planning to have one? Any plans for building a chicken coop? If so just let me know!




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