6 tips on how to stay sane during a pandemic Christmas!

We are living in the pandemic world and everything and everyone seems to be falling apart! 

But there is still good in the world and love and gratefulness and gratitude and much more. 

And I want to share all of that on my blog but today I want to share how I overcome the stress of living in pandemic times.

I stopped watching the news and checking it on the internet a while ago because I could not sleep at night. I was overwhelmed and overthinking every detail of it. I started to have panic attacks during the nights or randomly throughout the day. 

One day I decided enough is enough and just cut myself out from it. 

Three months after, I can finally say I found my balance and I only check the news once every two or three days and other days I only look for some good news or checking what are my favorite blogger publishing or shearing. I listening to music and podcasts and read a lot of books!!! Also being out in the forest helps me tons!

If you like me and all the bad news are killing you and you want to take care of your mindset and mental health and well-being I highly recommend creating a safe zone at your home! Without stressful informations and everything what is going on in the world right now! 

I want to share my tips with you, how to stay sane and keep a peaceful mindset especially now before Christmas time:

  1. First of all, turn off all of the notifications on your phone. This will help you to concentrate more on the present moment and practice mindfulness. 
  2. Second, inform all of your family members or your friends/roommates that you don’t want to receive any links to the bad news or any other bad stories at all. The exception is, if something happens to your family members. 
  3. Avoid watching tv or any drama movies better choose ‚Netflix and chill’ comedies or shows that make you smile. I’m all in cheesy Christmas movies right now! 
  4. Avoid people who make you feel bad. Don’t compare your life to someone else life seeing on Instagram or any other social media. Unfollow people who make you feel like you are someone worse! Clean your social media platforms! 
  5. Concentrate on your daily chores, do not plan ahead. Celebrate every moment of now. Cherish this special time before Christmas: put some Christmas music on, decor your home, make cookies and sprinkle everything in fairy lights. Christmas decorations make a delightful atmosphere always. If you want to stay in the Christmas mood till next March, you can!!! Everything which makes you happy! 
  6. Lower your expectations, be grateful for what you already have! Smile a lot and remember even the worst storm will finally pass!!! This is just one season in our lives.

I know that we are living in a pandemic for nine months already but some of us are still struggling and some are just ’covid good’ (not good, not bad).

 I hope my tips can help you a bit. Let me know how you’re coping with all that happened this year and what are your tips for staying positive and happy just before Christmas.



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