New Year Resolutions

as i think everyone all over the globe, at the begining of new year, i’m also setting new goals. new year resolutions! sometimes i’m doing my best to stick with them all year long but sometimes i forgot about it the moment i wrote it down.

last year my goals were very differen from this year’s. this year is all about staying in good health.
past year has taught me that nothing is as important as health! when you’re strong and healthy you can do whatever you want to do. you can go after your dreams, travel the world, start working out, change jobs, find the love of your life or even build a house in the woods!

when you’re healthy you have everything!

so this year take care of yourself and your body. be good to it! because it isn’t something that you can replace for a new one!

here’s a neat graphic from Hims which can show you how to take care of your health depending on your age. Hims are great health resource! take a look and stay healthy!

thank you Hims for collaborating with me on this post! 


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