my travels – wellness weekend at Pałac Mierzęcin #1

last November was really busy for my family so i decided to share with you some posts from last year, that i didn’t have a chance to post sooner. i took some great photos and visited some beautiful places so i just have to post it befor they get lost in the universe of my computer 🙂

first i want to share with you weekend with my bestfriend at Spa.

me and my girlfriend always talk and dream about spending weekend, just two of us without our kids and husbands. after years of talking about it, we did it!!! we spent weekend together, without our families at a cute hotel.

we chose Pałać Mierzęcin Wellness and Wine Resort; just simple, beautiful place. far away from the cities and a lot of people – my favorite kind of places!

wellness zone over there is just perfect. we chose to have massage with a full body scrub and we love it so much.  they only use french natural cosmetic Caudalie which are made from grapes. Mierzęcin is one of not so many places in Poland where they use this kind of cosmetics. the service at spa was super sweet and helpful. we felt very well cared.

Mierzęcin is also known as a wine rosort. they have their own vineyard and the wines produced in it are very noble and delicious. you can taste them in Destylarnia (Destillery) restaurant, whose main menu is based on the principle of slow food. the majority of products used in the composition of dishes comes from local suppliers and the self-made wines perfectly accentuates the taste of the meals served at the restaurant. (source – Pałac Mierzęcin)

this place is truly one of the best places i have ever been to! i sincerely recommend it and it is not a sponsored post!!! it’s my true opinion 🙂

can’t wait to go back there with my husband and take more photos for you guys!

photos via Pałac Mierzęcin 
me & my besite 🙂 
relaxed and so happy
Destylarnia restaurant – part of it! 
sweet potato fries were the bomb!!! 
you can horse riding there too! 
photo via Pałac Mierzęcin


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