recipe from the woods

i hate cooking!
i really do!
i think, i’m wasting my time when i’m cooking.
an hour of cooking, five minutes of pleasure and than another hour of cleaning!
as a mom i have to cook. i’m doing my best everyday to prepare something delicious and healthy for kids. standing in the kitchen for hours, making this super food which my kids wouldn’t eat or eat it just a bit….
not cool at all!
yup, definitely wasting my time…but i love to bake!!!!

oh, how i love to bake! maybe because there is always someone who would love to eat something sweet!
i love the excitement when i’m waiting for the pie to be ready. is it good or not???
i love the smell of the house and the flavor of still hot pie in my mouth. is like a magic!!!
i have my fav recipes which i’m using a lot and i’m always looking for some new ones, too.

blueberries season is on so here it is recipe for blueberries pudding! i don’t know why they call it ‚pudding’ but is delicious and very easy to make.
i adopt this recipe from:  make cooking easier

fresh blueberries straight from the woods

almost done 

taadaa it’s ready!!! 

so yummy and you have to eat it hot!

i’ve made sweet blueberrie sauce from organic yoghurt and powdered sugar
sitting on the grass, eating this beauty! feels like heaven! 
to make blueberries pudding you need:
 – blueberries or other seasonal fruits (the more the better)
– 2 eggs 
– 1 tb. spoon of vanilla sugar 
– 150g flour 
– 1 t. spoon baking powder 
– 100g of brown sugar 
put the fruits into the baking form. mix up all the ingredients and pour on fruits. 
bake 25-30min in 180’C
easy and fast! enjoy!
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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