an ordinary day

wednesday is my favorite day of the week!it's my one day weekend! on wednesdays i have time for everything.for reading, for cooking and beaking, for a walk. i have time for my kids and hubby. i have time for a nap in the afternoon and a long breakfast in the morning. wednesday is a perfect day even if … Czytaj dalej an ordinary day

moody fall

after rainy night the rainbow welcome us in the was a perfect view. simple beauty (photo on my instagram page).but unfortunately the clouds came out and the day became gloomy and my mood gone a day like this in order to feel better i need a lot of tea and snuggles on the couch, … Czytaj dalej moody fall

ice creamy summer

we lately visited a little ice cream spot in town, close to our village.we're obsessed with it. it's our new happy place.the ice creams there are handmade with natural ingredients. everyday they made some new flavors like parsley or aloe or minions!my kids love strawberry and chocolate.we love (me&hubby) marzipan!!! so delicious!here are some photos from our visit … Czytaj dalej ice creamy summer

slow weekend in pics

it was a very slow motion weekend.slow.lazy.homely.good!fresh from my gran's apple tree! it starts! harvest in our villagestorks are always on timethe viewmatching nails! mom&daughtersunday afteroon on the carpet in kids roomroe-deer! mom and two little bambiesthe moon, the sky, the land, our land!hope you had a good weekend too!!!! all photos are mine!english is not my … Czytaj dalej slow weekend in pics