the best time of the year

i know i’m late with all the christmas posts but i love this time of the year.
it’s crazy and so lovely at ones!

is everything ready at your houses? i’m almost ready! still some things have to be done but i will make it on time!

can’t wait for christmas eve! is the most important day of christmas celebration in poland! and decorating gingerbreads and christmas tree with my kids; we always do it two days before christmas eve!

two weeks ago i pulled out all my christmas decorations but i still looking for some new inspirations online; that’s way i want to share with you my favorites which i found lately.

white, silver and natural pieces
stocking from sack
a wood board and cones, how easy is it?
wood again! i love it!
it’s really easy to make decorations like those!
pillows and wood – my style for sure!
how cute is this dog?
white walls, red color and woolen stocking!
perfect decor in kids room!
how cool is this?

i just love the simple and natural decorations!

i hope that you will find here some inspiration for yourself!

let’s enjoy this magical season!

photos via pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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