merry and bright

in poland christmas eve is the most celebrated day durning the whole christmas.
when the first star lights in the sky the christmas eve dinner begins with breaking special wafer.
necessarily there is twelve dishes on the table like fish, dumplings (pierogi), borscht, mushroom sauce and more but no meat. there is always one empty place for the lost wanderer. do not forget about the hay under the tablecloth to commemorate those which jesus lay on.
the last thing, something for kids; santa brings presents on the christmas eve, after dinner, under the christmas tree. we don’t have to wait till christmas day!!!

yes, this is certainly one of the most important days of the year for me and my loved ones.
on that day everything have to be just perfect. and it starts with table setting for christmas eve dinner.

today i want to share with you some of the inspirations i’ve found online.
as you know i live in the woods and i love my natural surroundings. i love natural house decorations also. so i was looking for inspirations in that kind of style.

colors of christmas red&green
natural wooden plank is an amazing idea! 
jars as candleholders, cranberries as a decoration!
wooden trough filled with candles, cones, branches of pines or other trees!
you can do it all alone at your house! 
the perfection!!! 
how cool is this???
my style!!!! for sure! 
simple decor with gingerbreads made by you or your kids! 
you don’t need much, just few cones and candles! 
i hope you like my inspirations for christmas eve dinner table. 
rustic style is for sure something i like the most!

have fun preparing your christmas table!

and enjoy this magical season!!!

photos via pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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