slow weekend in pics

it was a very slow motion weekend.slow.lazy.homely.good!fresh from my gran's apple tree! it starts! harvest in our villagestorks are always on timethe viewmatching nails! mom&daughtersunday afteroon on the carpet in kids roomroe-deer! mom and two little bambiesthe moon, the sky, the land, our land!hope you had a good weekend too!!!! all photos are mine!english is not my … Czytaj dalej slow weekend in pics

weekend in pics!

weekends are for relax.weekends are for breathe out.weekends are for baking, reading books and dancing.weekends are for eating ice creams (every day is good for eating ice creams)!!!weekends are for being yourself (even in this ugly old pajamas)!it's the perfect time to have time!weekends are for family; for our precious time together!!!hand made ice creams … Czytaj dalej weekend in pics!