daily look #1

sweater - next (found in secondhand shop)skirt - esprit (found is secondhand shop)shoes - deezee thank you for beautiful background hotel wartosław all photos are mineenglish is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


i'm 33!not a big deal!like a milion other people in the world.but birthdays are my worst days! i don't want to age at all!!! i want to be like 24 forever!till mine 24th birthday everything was good; a lot of cool parties, no worries; then i had my first child and from that time years … Czytaj dalej ’33’

monday muse #4

today 'monday muse' are.........shoes........shoesshoesand shoes!!!last week i had a little crush on shoes! especially those from deezeei bought two pairs and still looking further and to be true i would love to have all of them!these are my picks:these are already mine :)and these ones too :)sporty ones - i need to have it!perfect!!! need them … Czytaj dalej monday muse #4