changing seasons

if you're a big nature lover as i am, you will find beauty and peace in these photos.this year we were very lucky to have such an amzing summer and now we're blessed with warm, sunny fall weather.everything has its time and pleace in nature, we're just 'itsy bitsy spiders' in it. don't forget about it! 

8 facts why living in a countryside is better

8 facts why living in a countryside is better for you: 1. the views.....and driving through it, just enjoying the peace and quiet which you can't find driving through busy city streets.2. appreciation the nature, animals and surroundings; also fresh air and fragrances of changing seasons!3. going offline and being present.4. everyone knows everyone. people know their neighbors … Czytaj dalej 8 facts why living in a countryside is better

by the sea

two weeks ago we spent family weekend at the seaside. you already know how my family love sea and ocean 🙂  so it was a perfect getaway. kids were a bit sick but they're perfectly fine after just three days inhaling iodinated, salty air. i took a bunch of lovely photos that weekend and i already can't wait … Czytaj dalej by the sea

summer ends

summer is coming to an makes me feel kind of nostalgic.when you're living in the countryside your life is subordinate to nature and the changing seasons. each time has its charm but spring and summer are the most beautiful here. we love eating breakfast on the porch and sitting in the evenings listening to the crickets. … Czytaj dalej summer ends