good word for Monday #5

a bit of magic is going your way today!!! world full of crap so let's spread the kindness and  magic in our everyday life! remember karma is always waching! be good this week and always! have a magical week you guys :)more inspirational quotes on my pinterest board here

a good word for Monday #2

this week try to find one thing in your life which you love dearly and love it even more with all your heart and strength.there are people in the world who are dreaming about this kind of life you have! fall in love with it! it's extraordinary!!!for more inspirational quotes go to my Pinterest board here

a good word for Monday #1

this week try to be kind to everyone you meet on your way. even if someone won't be nice to you! and try to find time to read every day, if only for a few minutes! for more inspirational quotes go to my Pinterest board hereHappy Monday 🙂