Warsaw for 4!

this summer we decided to show our children polish capital city - Warsaw.as we are living in a countryside, cities are a huge attraction for our kids.our son is also big enought to understand the history of Warsaw.we spent two very active days in the city. the weather was perfect for long walks and discovering … Czytaj dalej Warsaw for 4!

uk snaps

second weekend of 2016 we were on our small getaway in england. just me and my hubby.i wrote more about our new year's resolutions here and travelling is one of it!it was perfect to visit my sister and her husband again. we had so much fun togather! i could finally chill and rest! i have problems with … Czytaj dalej uk snaps

tearoom and more

i know you probably all in christmas mood, me too but i have still some photos from england that i want to share with you.burton on trent is a lovely city with many pubs and restaurants. i chose three places which i like the best and the food there was delicouse!first one is helen's bakehouse&tearoom it's such … Czytaj dalej tearoom and more