Busy Spring/Summer season!

Hello, after a little while.

Spring is over, and Summer is on to the fullest.

This past spring season was super busy for me. There was never-ending work in the garden and around the house.

My greenhouse is full of growing veggies now and I can slow down a bit too.

This year I’ve planted tomatoes, carrots, beans, arugula, lettuce, herbs, radish, cucumbers, and even watermelons (even though I don’t think they will make it). As we have a lot of grasslands I can’t create a flower garden so I made few flower beds, and also planted flowers in the pots. So far all the flowers are doing great especially my lavender.

Work in the garden is my self-care moment during the day. It is exhausted sometimes but it makes me so happy, and at peace. I put some podcasts on (lately I am listening to the Homemaker Chic podcast – so inspirational), and relax while I get dirty.
Gardening helps with my mental health a lot, and this is why you can find me in my garden rather than here.

Today, I just wanted to give you guys some updates, and also share some pictures which I take tons of lately.

I love this time of the year, Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.

I hope you are having a great time, and if you are on your vacation – have fun and enjoy!

Sending you much love and peace.


our new dog – Trevor.
lavender! this year is blooming like crazy!
wild blueberries season is on.
my vaggie garden at its first phase of growth.


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