Yellow – trends for summer

I’ve recently created a board on Pinterest called ‚Yellow makes my happy’ and this post from a few years back still resonates with me. I love all the dresses and the color yellow is always my fav. I hope you will like it too and it will make you smile.

Stories From The Woods

when the weather hits above 20 degrees i’m living in a dress! i love summer dresses! i shared one in my last post here.
dresses are very easy to wear and you don’t need to worry how to properly connect parts of the outfit together. in poland there is even a quote „wkładam kiecę i lecę” – ‚i put the dress on and i go’. so it is totally my season now! warm weather, sun and tons of dresses to choose from. 
i’m also in love in color yellow lately!!! it’s not really my color but i’m obsessed with it this Spring and i think it will be a hit this Summer. so i definitely have to buy yellow dress! it’s a must! 
today i picked few dresses for you from one of my fav online shop ZAFUL
i love those dresses and colors are just perfect…

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