setting easter table

Starting with some Easter inspirations from a few years back; still totally in love with it. Hope you will like it and let’s celebrate this special week of Easter preparations.

Stories From The Woods

Happy Easter!

happy easter weekend everyone! hope you have or you will have a lovely time with your close ones!

we’re spending this special time with our whole family, at home.

today we went to church with our easter basket to blessed the food and tomorrow we will celebrate starting with easter breakfast which is the most important easter sunday meal in poland.

more about our polish easter traditionshere

as we getting ready to thissignificant breakfast i was thinking about how to make the table setting look perfect so i looked on pinterest 😉 i totally love all the rustic decorations, they’re my favorite for sure.

i couldn’t stop browse the photos so i chose few to share with you today. i hope it will inspire you to beautifully set your easter table!

happy easter 🙂

small details but they look beautiful!
simple with spring flowers
my favorite wood!

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