Polish winter in the woods

Are you already planning your garden work for Spring? Or is it the gardening season all year long, where you live?

We start to plan what we want to seed and where. When to start the work; we have even shop for the upcoming Spring season.

This year we want to have chickens, and yesterday we bought a chicken cop plan from Woodshop Mike. We wanted something cute and comfortable for the chicks. I will share more about it when my hubby starts the building process.

For now, I want to share wintertime in pics! So glad we could enjoy the snow and frost; not every winter in Poland is so snowy and cold. Yesterday we had a snowstorm; today is still snowing. It is nice and cozy to be at home with hot tea in my hand and fire cracking in the fireplace.

Last year when covid hit we decided to finish our sauna which was in building for almost two years. It was the best decision!
The best weather during winter is hight minus temperatures and sun.
This is the lake in the middle of the woods; my fav spot to spend time alone. The lake is a very deep glacial lake.
I wish I know the name of this tree!? It grows in the swamps and blooms that way in winter. Looks like cotton.
Swamps in the middle of our village. You can go there only during very cold winters.
The marshes lead to the lake that is located in the middle of the village in a nature reserve. In summer all kinds of birds breed here.
Another take of the lake.
Our cats walking around the house.
The sunrise outside our house.

Did you enjoy walk around my neighborhood?

I hope you cherish the season you are in; soon it will pass and Spring will bloom all over.

Till the next time.



3 uwagi do wpisu “Polish winter in the woods

  1. I’m in Sweden, after weeks of – 20 c and a lot of snow. We just had +10 c and sunshine today. I’m definitely planning and dreaming about gardening season here already.


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