5 tips for Galantine’s Day Party

Every year I struggle with celebrating Valentine’s Day. I think, here in Poland, we celebrate Valentines since the 90s’, but still many people think that it is just a commercial holiday. 

But I love all kinds of days that you can celebrate differently than just a regular day. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate love?! 

My hubby doesn’t like Galentine’s Day, so I had to come up with an idea how to keep this day, special anyway. Especially when kids entered our lives I wanted them to feel extra on this day. When they were toddlers we made a lot of crafts and games and I always prepared some sweet surprises for them. Now when the kids are getting older we had to modified our traditions. My teenage boy doesn’t like crafts anymore and even though my daughter is still in it our yearly Valentine’s Day celebration change into a Galentine’s Day Girls-Only Party. 

If you didn’t hear about Valentine’s Day here is the link to the article that explains everything about it. 

For three years now, I host a girl’s party for my friends and their daughters with music, sweet treats, and a lot of crafts. 

Today I want to share with you five easy and quick tips on how to plan a great Galentine’s Day party for your girlfriends. 

  1. Schedule the date. Make sure your friends are free that day. You don’t have to celebrate on the 13th you can circle around this date. 
  2. Good music. Create a fun playlist; old hits are always the best choice. 
  3. Menu. Good food is a great companion. My go-to are cakes, coffee, fizzy drinks but if you want you can cook a delicious dinner or order a pizza. The choice is yours. 
  4. Crafts and games. As always, you can find tons of ideas on Pinterest. I’ve created a board with some really fun ones (link at the end of the post). And make sure you have all the supplies you need like color paper, glitter, glue, etc.
  5. Have fun! Just chill and celebrate the time with your girlfriends; remember you are creating memories. 

Bonus pandemic tip; 

I know that hosting a party during a pandemic can be very tricky, but you don’t have to throw a big party; it can be just you and friends from your ‚safe bubble’. If you don’t have that you can host a Zoom party or make a Galentine’s Day a self-care time and treat yourself to something extra special. Everything which makes you happy. Remember all you need is love and self-love is the most important one! 

Be creative, have fun!




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