my travels – Christmas Cottage

Do you like to travel to the big hotels or do you prefer small cottages or apartments for your getaway time? 

Last year we all have a lot of travel plans but everything has changed due to COVID. We had to postpone our holiday plans and any other plans. Did you have a chance to go somewhere or did you spend your vacation at home? 

We canceled our summer holiday in Croatia and stayed at home but we were blessed to travel during Autumn and Christmas time. 

As a family, we always tend to book cottage houses or small apartments for our getaways. Our to-go places always have been where they aren’t a lot of people. Living in the countryside changes us the way that we don’t like crowded cities or tourist spots. 

For Christmas, we have chosen to go into the polish mountains Beskid Śląski into the small village called Istebna. 

We rented a house for our whole family, because of COVID we wanted to be extra safe with no other people around. 

The place we stayed called Staro Chałpa an old family house beautifully renovated. Full with wood and folklore decorations; cozy rooms, stunning views outside the windows, and a real Christmas tree with warm lights on it. It was just perfect! You could see it all on my Instagram stories back on Christmas Days. 

We spent there five nights with snow, frost, and a lot of good food, walks, and laughs. I know that we were very fortunate to travel and spent the time all together, many of us didn’t have that opportunity and I’m very sorry about it. 

I highly recommend Staro Chałpa, you won’t be disappointed. The hosts were also super friendly and helpful. Staro Chałpa is kids and animals friendly too. 

Here are my favorite photos from our trip.

If you want to check more about Staro Chałpa or Poland in general just click the links at the end of the post.

Here are all the links you need:

I hope I will see you in Poland someday!

Have a lovely weekend!



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