boost your confidence with sculptshe

 Hello, Friends! 

Today I want to share with you special products, but first a little story! 

We’re going back to 14th century when corset started to be a part of women’s clothing. The basic task of the corset back then was mainly stiffening body, enhancing the bust, emphasizing and slenderizing the waistline. As you probably saw on films, not only on historical ones, corsets were uncomfortable for women who wore them, they couldn’t breath in it and sometimes they even fainted. With time, as women become more and more liberated, corsets were modified or even forgotten. About two years ago they came back in great style and in different forms! Nowadays corsets or waist trainers serve to reduce body fat, strengthen the abdominal muscles and restore skin firmness after, for example, pregnancy or weight loss. 

The special products I want to share today are from a company which focuses on women’s shapewear, bodysuits and activewear. The items they make are break-though in their design, manufacturing techniques and materials. They are the perfct corsets of our time! 

I have choose for you few articles which are suitable to were during your fitness routine or when you are going out and you want to look flawless. 

I think the best shapewear for your tummy is one of  sculptshe double belt 7 steel bones firm compression waist trainer in all the sizes. Link under the photo!

link here

This belt is super powerful to hold your tummy in place. It’s also great for all the body types. The double waistband can strengthen the control level and is convenient for adjusting. It can instantly shape your body. 

If you love to wear skinny jeans and bodysuits I have something for you too! 

link here

Sculptshe adjustable straps tummy control thong bodysuits, it’s in two colors black and nude with removable shoulder strap suitable for different body types and different outfits as deep V halter dress, wedding dress, backless costume. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. I highly recommend it.

If you have more curved body you can also find something for you on Sculptshe

Plus size waist trainer would be a perfect fit for you. There is a variety of choices on their page and there is one that caught my eye, plus size neoprene vest front zip waist trimmer. This shapewear is in every size you wish for! 

link here

We are so lucky that we have the opportunity to look for the right products for ourselves. The variety of choice is huge on Sculptshe and every women will find something for herself. 

Check the Sculptshe page for more! Have fun shaping your beautiful body! 

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