my travels – Pałac Kursko – hidden gem

Who knew that in the middle of the woods; just 2h drive from our home, there is a hidden gem. An old palce where you can spend your time with no phone service or internet, just you and beautiful, raw nature! 

Pałac Kursko is a simple palace with huge history. The owners are still working on it but that won’t affect your stay for sure! 
All the details you want to know about booking a room or the palace itself  you can find here
We have spent two nights in Pałac Kursko. We rest, eat, talk and spent a day in canoe. We had this great opportunity that the entire palace was only available to our group of friends which is awesome durning covid time. 
The owners, young couple, made this place so homey. They do everything by themselves. The food they cook is delicious; you can taste home made honey there and even ‚play’ with cows or swim in the lake.   
This post is not sponsored. I loved the time spent in Pałac Kursko and want to share a glimpse of it with you. 
Soon I will be sharing our canoe day too! Lookout for it! 

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