Life itself

Sometimes is hard sometimes is beautiful either way you are blessed!

As I recently posted on Instagram: Welcome to level 7 of Jumanji 2020! 

I think that we already got used to all the crazy shit that is going on in this world this year! 

So what we been up to through the last 2-3 months? Basically life itself! 

Taking every day at it is with all its ups and downs, counting our blessing and being grateful. 

Cherishing the small things like good weather, kids being nice, end of the school year and just being healthy! Planning nothing and just living life! 

We have a summer break now, till September and we will enjoy it! 

My hubby built a sauna and now he’s working on a new project so I will try to share some of it too! 

This time the photos will be raw, without any filters and edits because I writing this on my phone, sitting at the front porch just before our dinner and I want to be true to you and real! And to be honest I don’t have time to do the edits! Maybe I don’t want to too because I am a bit lazy 😉 haha 

So anyway I hope you are doing fine!? I miss you so just leave me a comment and write to you soon!!!! 

Love ya ❤️ Marlena 


This is what on my camera roll lately! 

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