Life on quarantine – positive stories Life update

Quarantine /social distancing day 46! 

I wanted to write about Easter and what we did but Easter felt like ages ago and what more it was kind of weird time for us all I suppose. Do you agree? 
This past week I felt that we hit the rock bottom on this quarantine life! We were so tired of ourselves and we would do almost everything for some getaway to the mall, cinema, or just a random McDonald’s. Visiting some friends would be like a dream come true! Instead, I colored  my hair at home and video chatted with our friends! 
I know that our lives are totally different right now and will probably stay that way for a long time, so we have to focus on the positive aspects of this pandemic times like sleeping in basically every day, weekend all week long! A lot of time for everything: baking, reading books, sunbathing in Spring sun, and much more!!! I won’t mention homeschooling because this one is killing me sometimes even though it was my dream to homeschool my kids but thanks to covid19 I now know that this is really hard work! 
We are blessed in so many ways in these extraordinary circumstances, we just need to see good! 
So be grateful that you are healthy and always hope for the best! 
Photos from my walks in woods which always helps with my mental health! 
Stay positive, stay healthy, stay home!  

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