The piece of art

Today I want to share with you this picture of our living room which I took yesterday evening during a golden hour. I just love the little corner and how the light plays with the colors of the painting. 
This piece of art is from Natalia Chrosna  This is the second painting of hers that we brought and I think it is my favorite so far. 
The art called ’pixel’ but for me, it’s just a ’burst of joy’. I love the colors on it, energy and of course the bits of sparkles because what is life without a little sparkle? 
The green easter egg is also hand made painted by my mother’s in a low friend who is an artist. The flowers I found in the woods while on a stroll and I brought it home, just for adding extra color to the room. I think we all need bright, cheerful colors nowadays! 
Have a lovely day everyone and remember: stay home, stay healthy and stay positive! 

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