Life on quarantine – positive stories – looking for winter

While everything is crazy right now with coronavirus and the whole world is on hold, everyone is talking only about covid_19 I decided to take a step back and share some positive stories from the time when there was no virus or quarantine.

Global warming is real! If you don’t believe it come visit us in Poland. If you think that Poland is one of these super, cold countries like Russia you are completely wrong. If you are looking for a cold, snowy winter Poland is not your country to visit.

When I was little kid winters were snowy, freezing cold and sunny; nowadays there is no real winter only constant Autumn grey, rainy and full of germs.

My children barely remember snow, like real snow. So last year my whole family, my parents, my sister’s family, we decided to travel into the Polish mountains during the Christmas time to look for some snow.

We traveled to Księżyciwa Dolina, it is about 450 km from where we live. We stayed in a small village called Wojtówka in the middle of the woods, near Lądek Zdrój.
Our family rented a house and spent five days together. We were dreaming about white Christmas and our dream came true on Christmas Day and it was the best gift for the kids and for us. Snow!!! Maybe there wasn’t much of it but it was enough. I won’t forget the small of my daughter’s face when she woke up on Christmas Day and saw falling snow. Best Christmas ever! 
Here are some photos of our trip to brighten your day during the quarantine time!

Stay home, stay healthy, stay positive!

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