Happy 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

How does it happen that we already have a New Year?! 
I feel like two past years were just a blink of an eye. I don’t know if it’s only because I’m getting older or life is really running that fast or may it be neither of these?
I hope you had an amazing Christmas time and fun holidays. I’m excited for next week and for our normal everyday routine. Three weeks of school and then we’re having a winter break. There is something to wait for, yay! 
I won’t be sharing any new year’s resolutions or goals because I don’t have any I just want to be healthy and happy with my life. I think there is nothing more important. 
The ’best nine’ photo is from my Instagram profile and it basically sums up my 2019, it was simple and low-key.
Thank You 2019
Welcome 2020 


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