sea vibes – daily look #14

Today I want to show you a few photos from my and my husband’s short weekend getaway at the seaside. 
I love the seaside in fall, it is so magical! 
We spent a wonderful time together, we rest, we talked and had fun! 
This past week I really miss my husband and I miss the sea; As you can see on my Instagram!
I wrote some time ago how water can boost your mental health just from looking at it. Spending time at the seashore helps me to stay in a positive mindset. 
Everywhere where there is water and not a lot of people it’s my kind of a happy place! 
My outfit is as always casual.
I need to feel warm and comfy. Just simple look the way I like best!

booties – deezee
tights – calzedonia
coat – sinsay
scarf – h&m 
sweater – h&m (thrift store)
dress – plumestore

I don’t know if you will see it but if you look closely at the photos you will see a glimpse of rainbow on the horizon. We didn’t see it back then I’ve noticed it while editing the photos. How could you not love the sea and its magic?!

Have a great week World 🙂


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