Healing yourself


What is your favorite place to do or to go when you feel stressed or anxious?

What are you doing to feel better when your mind goes into dark places? I would really love to know!?
I’m struggling with some mum anxiety lately and I was thinking about what always help me to feel better?! 
Most of the time I’m solo parenting and it’s hard to stay happy and positive all the time when everyone and everything is on your shoulder. I noticed that I’m also suffer from seasonal depression, the weather affects me a lot, especially in those rainy, cloudy days! 
I also recognized that first few days after my hubby leaves for work are the hardest for me. Suddenly I’m all alone again with kids, house, dogs, school, work. I choose this lifestyle and I am living it for almost seven years now but still it hits me every time; the responsibility for everything, sometimes is overwhelming. 
So I was thinking about what helps me in those days and the answer was simple – nature! 
Nature always smooths my nerves. Woods, in particular, the smell and sounds of it. Being in nature is like being in a church for me. Every time I walked through forests I feel renewed, refreshed. My mind stops overthinking and the heart slows down. I feel at peace with myself again. 
Lately, I didn’t have time to just stroll through the woods; yes, I know I live in one but still, I got stuck with busy every day mom’s life. I’ve started to feel as if I am suffocating. So I set the intention to go for a walk if only for a short one but every day. I hope I will stay on this commitment! The rainy, cold weather doesn’t really help because I hate cold but if this is helping me I have to stay strong on my goal and remember that self-care is very important, especially when you have small kids to take care of. Happy mom, happy children! 
Today, I want to share these photos to reminds myself what a wonderful day it was. In woods, barefoot with my dogs.
Oh, summer everything is easier with the sun on my face!

Let me know in the comments below how you’re fighting mom anxiety or anxiety particularly, what helps you?
Do you use talk therapy or any kind of therapy?
Let’s have a chat and maybe we can help each other. 
Have a good rest of the week ☺️🌲 
Marlena 💜  
My dress is from a thrift shop. 

2 uwagi do wpisu “Healing yourself

  1. I feel you, Hun! I've been feeling the same for a very long time now. I've been having my ups and downs and so now I know what soothes my soul – being good to myself and by this I mean surrounding myself with positive things and people. Turn up some loud music and dance! Everything's gonna be alright!



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