sometimes you just need to sparkle – daily look #11

hey y’all 🙂 
i want to dedicate this post to all the mamas at there with kiddos being home for summer. 
i’m also momming full time now and we all know that sometimes is really hard to be at home with kids 24/7 especially when you’re solo parenting like me most of the time. 
once in a while you have to spoil yourself,  is it with a good coffee or glass of wine, shopping or just reading a book in silence for an hour or less. 
what i did this time around was putting on a sparkling dress and have a fun shoot. 
this dress is from thrift shop from years ago and my boots are oldies too but i felt so fancy and cool that day. 
little things like that make me happy and help with my mental health. sometimes it’s tricky to stay sane when you’re ‚stay at home’ mom. lol 
i hope you’re doing okay dear mamas and don’t forget to take some time off more then once in a while.
take care!
love you, bye! 

photo credit: zlakarma

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